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Jesse Strauch is a former NBC reporter and freelance writer based in Rockland County, NY.  His best days are spent barefoot and typing away on his netbook.  Through his writing, he aims to nurture the do-it-yourself spirit of today’s budding storytellers while simultaneously inspiring kids everywhere to have fun and get a little messy in the process.

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But we don’t stop there – while we care about presenting the highest quality stories possible, we’re driven by the fact that learning isn’t scary or boring, but instead is an exciting adventure. To that end, we offer free lesson plans written by experienced teachers that will help to get your children and students the most out of our stories while entertaining them in the process.


Wobbly Top is a home for artists and writers, and run by people who truly understand the challenges that young creators face. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping our team develop their talents and skills and put out the best work they possibly can. Further, we aim to inspire and encourage the next generation to embrace their creativity, think big, get involved and follow their dreams, whatever they may be. We’re dedicated to the values of individuality, imagination, the do-it-yourself-spirit and, of course, having fun. These are books for kids a little outside of the box, made by the grown-ups who used to be those kids.


When Wobbly Top came to our elementary school, we were already excited to have authors who were publishing in both hard copy and on-line. Teachers were excited because this addressed the push toward 21st century skills for our students and the older students were excited because these authors were operating in their world of technology. That aspect of the experience was enhanced by a STEAM activity on their website. The younger children just enjoyed the book about Bradley, a very relatable kid, and his dad. Even the teachers bought Bradley for their children and grandchildren.


Since all of our students had written their own books for Young Author’s Day, Wobbly Top’s presentation was the culminating activity.  They were excellent, engaging the children in both the author’s and the illustrator’s processes. We considered Wobbly Top to be the best Young Author’s Day program we had had in many years! We look forward to their return!


                                              - Patricia Murillo, ED.D.


Children are unique, talented bundles of imagination. As adults, we sometimes forget how important it is for them to disappear into their creative worlds. “Bradley, What are You Doing?” is an excellent book to remind myself of this. It also teaches my five year old son that there is a world of adventures right at his fingertips. The illustrations are vivid and detailed. They are so real you slip into Bradley’s adventures with him. What a wonderful book!


                                             - Nicole Colluzzi


We have had the pleasure of having Blue Flynn and Jesse Strauch visit and read their published book to the children of St. Catharine Early Childhood Center, Blauvelt, NY. They read to the children with great animation and enthusiasm. Through song and dance the children had an entertaining morning with this fantastic author and illustrator.


The book was well received by the children and parents. They are welcome to visit us again and spend another fun morning with us.


                                             - Barbara Feeney, Director

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