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Bradley, What Are You Doing?

Written by Jesse Strauch

Illustrated by Blue (Brittany) Flynn


Read along with Bradley, a boy with BIG ambitions and an even BIGGER imagination. While fighting evil dragons, exploring space, and searching for rare, mysterious jewels deep in the jungle may come easily to Bradley, remembering to throw the garbage out? Well, that’s another story…

Come join Bradley on his adventures and get inspired to have a few of your own.

King O' The Cats

Adapted and Illustrated by Blue Flynn


In this adaptation of the classic English folktale, Jack Robbins finds himself in the middle of a mystery of feline royalty. Who is Tom Tildrum and where might he be found?


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Wobbly Top is proud to present an interactive story of adventure and imagination straight to your Android device.


  • Read Bradley’s story, jam packed with space ships, swashbuckling pirates and racecars plus loads of other cool stuff!
  • Read along audiobook narrated by author Jesse Strauch & illustrator Brittany Flynn accompanied by sound fx & original music.
  • Personalize Bradley’s adventure by recording your own narration. Save multiple narrations and switch between them.
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