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All across the world pets are left alone for hours at a time. What really happens after the front door closes and these seemingly innocent animals are on their own? Nothing good, that’s what! Learn  the revealing truth in this shocking, madcap story that dares to ask the question: Do pets play when we’re away?


(Spoiler Alert: THEY TOTALLY DO!)

Molly’s Ballet

(Working Title)

Written by Jesse Strauch

Illustrated by Blue Flynn

The Curious Mr. Jack A. Lope


The Creatures from Beyond

Written by Jesse Strauch

Illustrated by Blue Flynn

If there’s one thing Molly loves in  life, it’s ballet. If there’s two  things Molly loves in life it’s ballet and her dog, Daisy. Even when walking Daisy, she can be seen practicing her pliés, jetés and pas debourré. After hurting her leg, Molly must make an important decision. Should she abandon what she loves most or can she discover new way to continue her passion?

   Jack would be a normal post-grad anthropologist if he weren’t one of the rarest creatures in the world - a Jackalope. He longs for his research and discoveries to be taken seriously. By anyone. So when a chance encounter with a flying saucer brings him face to face with a creature from beyond, Mr. Jack A. Lope starts seeing stars.

While You Were Away

Written by Jesse Strauch

Illustrated by Blue Flynn

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